Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

We collaborate with the nation’s top legal firms to support their litigation needs with expert testimony from individuals with an extensive depth of knowledge in valuation

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A legal proceeding is one of the last steps in the property tax appeal process. evcValuation personnel have testified as expert witnesses in many cases and are experienced in a broad range of situations and scenarios. All legal proceedings require appraisers to help support the total litigation process related to property valuation. Preparation for this stage includes pre-trial consulting, trial preparation, litigation support, trial testimony, post-trial assistance and appellate assistance.

In cases involving industrial and commercial valuation discrepancies, evcValuation works closely with attorneys and legal firms to provide expert testimony during all stages of litigation. While forums, procedural process, and timing differ greatly from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction, evcValuation has been involved in diverse litigation support related to property tax appeals. This includes litigation support in a number of jurisdictional settings across the country.

evcValuation has experience in these litigation support scenarios related to industrial and commercial valuation:

  • Pre-Trial Valuation Support
  • Rebuttal Witness Consulting
  • Depositions
  • Trial Testimony
  • Post-Trial Assistance
  • Appellate Assistance

evcValuation contributes with experience across all phases of litigation support, providing insight that only an ASA-accredited team can provide. We are committed to producing quality valuation analyses, reports, and testimony, supporting our every valuation with verifiable facts—and always prepared to strongly defend them in all legal proceedings on behalf of our clients.

“Our approach to litigation support is to provide a subject matter expert perspective that is unbiased, independent and supportable. We—as a valuation services company—stand by our ethical approach and make no compromises in upholding such standards.”

– Kevin Reilly, ASA –

We have supported litigation in many jurisdictions, including New York, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maryland, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Alaska, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, and Arizona. Having a high quality, supportable and defendable Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices analysis and report is critical in the success of expert testimony.