With over 50 years of combined experience in professional valuation services, evcValuation’s team of ASA-accredited valuation specialists supports the needs of clients with industrial, commercial and business opinions of value.


Attention to Detail

When delivering an appraisal report or any other document with an opinion of value, evcValuation believes in being as concise and clear as possible to ensure its viability and value.


evcValuation researches the most relevant and current data, but also reviews historical data for a clearer understanding of all factors involved in a professional valuation report.

Multiple Industries

As an independent professional valuation services provider, evcValuation supports a diverse portfolio of industrial companies, corporate entities, and governmental agencies.

Property Tax Valuation

Determines the appropriate value of a property for property tax purposes


Helping ensure that its property insurance limit is realistic and appropriate

Litigation Support

Collaborating with legal firms with expert testimony to support litigation

Appraisal Reviews

Providing clients unbiased opinion of quality, credibility, and compliance

Purchase Price Allocation

Producing independent and reasonable financial valuation reports