The lifeline of our nation’s energy infrastructure and transportation industry are also capital assets

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Pipelines are capital assets that serves as an effective transportation channel for crude oil, natural gas and a variety of refined petroleum products—and they generate revenue based on the  various ways in which they are regulated. Some pipelines are interstate, while others are intrastate, and understanding the pipeline valuation requires experience dealing with multiple states and regulatory guidelines.

evcValuation is a knowledgeable appraisal entity that provides pipeline valuation services, supported by our in-depth understanding of the complexities and dynamics of the pipeline industry. Our ASA-accredited specialists are experienced in pipeline valuation methodology for both interstate and intrastate pipelines. We have the knowledge required to tailor our analyses to your specific pipeline valuation purposes.

evcValuation’s pipeline valuation services include experiential knowledge of these factors:

  • Regional Refined Product Markets
  • Global Crude Oil Markets
  • Construction Capital Costs
  • Supply/Demand Market Conditions
  • Environmental/Regulatory Issues (past, present and future)
  • Expected levels of industry returns on investment
  • Age/Life Relationships of equipment
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Tariffs
  • Operating Characteristics of new and old facilities
  • External Operating Characteristics effecting plant operations
  • Commodity price projections
  • Levels of operating expenses and required capital investments

Many pipelines are regulated by the FERC which dictates its economics and operations. However, some pipelines are also regulated by state agencies on behalf of the communities through which pipelines pass. At evcValuation, we consider all potential factors in our opinions of value to ensure high-quality while delivering utility and relevance in our pipeline valuation reports.