David F. Chavenson | VP, Business Development

At evcValuation, Dave Chavenson leads the Business Development practice with over 25 years of experience in risk management and insurance related roles.

Contact Dave Chavenson today at 469.258.0358 or make an inquiry about our industrial or commercial valuation services and let our experts at evcValuation start the process.

Dave holds an MBA in Finance from the Harvard of Business School and has been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 1978. Additionally, Dave has managed the procurement of large property insurance (PD/BI) policies for many years and has dealt with large insurers in the United States and Europe, including Lloyd’s of London.

“Understanding the current replacement cost of a company’s large income producing assets is a fundamental and critical factor in assessing how much property insurance to buy.“

“They key to a quality and successful appraisal is the engineering method that goes into the work, knowing how to solve problems, the attention to detail from start to finish and communication with the client.”

Throughout his tenure in the insurance industry, Dave has dealt with large PD/BI policy limits and claims and understands the importance of a current insurance appraisal in setting proper PD/BI insurance limits. In addition, Dave’s exposure to the global economic landscape has granted him a well-rounded perspective on asset intensive industries and the associated insurance markets, along with extensive relationships with many in these areas.