evcValuation serves companies requiring industrial appraisal services for a variety of business applications and transactional uses across the United States

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Companies of all types need industrial appraisal services to provide opinions of value for their capital assets. An independent and unbiased appraisal can be used for numerous purposes, including but not limited to, the purchase and sale of industrial facilities, property taxes, insurance, litigation support, and for financial and tax reporting required as part of acquisitions.

evcValuation’s ASA-accredited valuation specialists,  along with their engineering background and education, have the experience and knowledge to perform industrial appraisal services that take into account unique and specific elements of value for each subject asset. We also have the resources and connections to facilitate the most supportable and transparent approach to professional appraisals.

evcValuation offers a complete set of valuation services for these industries:

The opportunity to serve companies and individuals with our industrial appraisal services is based on our dedication and commitment to our profession.