Asset Purchase, Sale, or Lease

Thinking about buying or selling a property? Have a lease that is set to expire? Companies are often burdened with daily business activities that limit their ability to determine an unbiased fair market value for a contemplated transaction. Properties nearing the end of a lease often require an independent appraiser to determine the fair market value of the property in question. End-of-lease valuations often include an appraiser on the side of the lessor and an appraiser on the side of the lessee. This end-of-lease appraisal process often requires multiple appraisers to negotiate and hopefully agree on the value of the facility. evcValuation has extensive experience in determining the fair market value of properties that are being considered for a purchase or sale, or are nearing the end of a lease. We have worked on the valuation of large complex properties performing due diligence from the buy/sell side, and we also have been involved in the end-of-lease appraisal process.