Appraisal Reviews

An appraisal review is produced to provide an opinion of quality, credibility, and compliance with the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (USPAP) of another appraisers work product

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Most appraisal reviews are requested by industrial and commercial clients, lenders and governmental agencies to support, refute or provide clarity on the content of an existing third party appraisal—particularly from an independent and unbiased view point. Experience and knowledge are essential in supporting assumptions included in appraisal reviews given their critical nature in supporting litigation, property acquisitions or the validation of a method or technique employed to produce the appraisal in question.

A major reason for requesting appraisal reviews is to have a second opinion from an experienced valuation professional. Our methodology focuses on keeping an open mind; thoroughly reviewing the analysis and report; and determining if the assumptions, methods and computations make sense—and above all, to ensure they are reasonable and appropriate.

evcValuation has experience providing appraisal reviews for these types of scenarios:

  • Litigation Support
  • Insurance
  • Property Tax Disputes
  • Property Acquisitions
  • Leasing
  • Lending

evcValuation brings subject matter expertise and relevancy that can help clients ensure the validity of an appraisal report or any other document with an opinion of value. We also follow the requirements of the USPAP, which governs the professional appraisal practice. Our goal is to deliver the highest possible quality in every one of our appraisal reviews.

“Appraisal reviews can play an important role in litigation, potential acquisition of property, or the understanding and verification of appraisal methods and techniques.”  

– Clayton Baumann, PE, CCP, ASA

Our team of ASA-accredited specialists can produce appraisal reviews and accompanying reports or documentation that are concise and clear. This includes researching the most relevant and current data, but also reviewing historical data for a clearer understanding of all factors involved in a professional valuation report.