Renewable Energy

Green energy resources continue to grow in their contribution to the overall production of energy and we have the experience required to understand related valuation dynamics

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evcValuation has been in the forefront of the appraisal industry, acknowledging the contribution of Renewable Energy technologies to the future of power generation. Technologies such as wind, hydro, solar, biomass, geothermal, or waste to energy are often misunderstood and require guidance from an experienced appraisal team. Our business continues to grow in this field as more requests for renewable energy plant valuation continue to show the influence of sustainability in the Energy Industry.

Renewable Energy facilities often involve unique equipment that is unfamiliar to conventional power generating plant owners and others, but our knowledge of the industry allows us to deliver supportable valuations to ensure clarity for our clients. Our knowledge of renewable energy plant valuation and related facilities validate our contribution to this growing field in the energy industry.

evcValuation’s power plant valuation services include in-depth knowledge of these factors:

  • ISO/RTO Markets (Regional Markets)
  • Changing Construction Capital Costs
  • Supply/Demand Market Conditions
  • Environmental/Regulatory Issues (past, present and future)
  • Expected levels of industry returns on investment
  • Age/Life Relationships of equipment
  • Various Incentives (PTC, ITC, RECS)
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Operating Characteristics of new and old facilities
  • External Operating Characteristics effecting plant operations
  • External Operating Characteristics effecting plant operations
  • Commodity price projections
  • Levels of operating expenses and required capital investments

Our understanding of federal/state incentives and other contractual agreements is an additional element of value for evcValuation’s clients. We also strategize how they contribute to value for each appraisal engagement, further validating how we can produce credible results.