Insurance Valuation

Procuring insurance valuation services is a critical first step to help companies ensure that its property insurance limit is realistic and appropriate

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evcValuation provides clients with reliable, high quality and relevant insurance valuation services for clients who hold portfolios of industrial and commercial properties. We support their needs for a variety of insurance valuation purposes, including insurance procurement, construction insurance coverage, and related valuation for all aspects for the insurance procurement process.

Our company has an ASA-accredited team with engineering backgrounds and extensive experience providing opinions of value for insurance purposes. Such work extends from industrial facilities to complex real estate, machinery and equipment, and buildings.

evcValuation actively works with clients in these types of insurance valuation scenarios:

  • Review of Statement of Value(s)
  • Portfolio Insurance Valuation
  • Individual Facility Insurance Valuation
  • Machinery and Equipment Insurance Valuation

 Our company provides insurance appraisals that address specific client and industry needs. Furthermore, our team of ASA-accredited insurance valuation specialists have access to a vast database of information and other reference sources that helps determine the quality and supportability of an insurance appraisal report.

“Current and high quality insurance appraisals are a must for companies to help ensure they have the appropriate replacement cost new basis when procuring insurance.” – Clayton Baumann, PE, CCP, ASA ”

Our insurance appraisal team has performed numerous insurance valuation services across various industries to help guide clients by giving them a reliable and supportable replacement cost new.