Chemical Plant Valuation

Chemical and Petrochemical plants are asset intensive and are highly dependent on commodity pricing dynamics. Knowledge in both of these areas are a must when appraising plants in the Chemical Industry.

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Chemical plant valuation benefits from an engineering orientated approach by assessing the complex footprint of each asset intensive plant and understanding the nuances of the technology being utilized. Such large industrial facilities rely primarily on petroleum-based feedstocks to produce a wide range of chemical products and polymers for both industrial and commercial applications. The complexity of each site creates unique chemical plant valuation challenges and appraisers must understand not only the petroleum (feed stock) markets, but also the market in which each facility sells its products.

evcValuation has extensive experience in chemical plant valuation, particularly for large chemical facilities in various markets across the United States. In chemical plant valuation projects, our ASA-accredited team focuses on the production and revenue potential, as well as the supply chain and logistical efficiency, and other elements that have an effect on the facility’s value. Our independent and unbiased approach can serve the chemical plant valuation needs of companies seeking to acquire the most complex chemical facilities.

evcValuation’s chemical plant valuation services take into account these unique chemical industry factors:

  • Regional, National and Global Chemical Markets
  • Global Petroleum Based Feedstock Markets
  • Construction Capital Costs
  • Supply/Demand Market Conditions
  • Environmental/Regulatory Issues (past, present and future)
  • Expected levels of industry returns on investment
  • Age/Life Relationships of equipment
  • Operating Characteristics of new and old facilities
  • External Operating Characteristics effecting plant operations
  • Commodity price projections
  • Levels of operating expenses and required capital investments

Given our exposure to a variety of industries and their dynamics, evcValuation understands a variety of appraisal approaches to generate chemical plant valuation reports with accuracy and economic viability. We also understand that every client request is as different as the chemical plant valuation requested. Whether you are a private equity firm, owner, or a state agency requiring an independent and unbiased appraisal, evcValuation is ready to work with you and deliver exceptional results.