General Manufacturing

America’s manufacturers have been producing cutting-edge products for decades and their contributions span a wide range of industrial and commercial markets

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The “Made in USA” badge is one of the most effective points of value for manufactured goods in the USA and this “country of origin” designation has become a matter of national pride. General manufacturing facilities include properties such as auto manufacturers, machinery production plants, and almost any other facility that produces product. To generate a manufacturing plant valuation, the facilities must take into account a variety of factors including existing and new technologies.

evcValuation practices “black box valuation” as its base appraisal strategy, which requires expertise and due diligence, along with a broad range of knowledge across multiple factors. Consider a black box and the facility being appraised, where any manufacturing facility has a raw material coming in (what the manufacturer uses to produce their product) and a finished product going out (what the manufacturer sells). The operating cost to produce their product—including the cost of the raw material—is taken into account and in turn, the manufacturer receives revenue for the product it sells.

evcValuation has developed a depth of knowledge related to manufacturing plant valuation to take into account the following pressures:

  • Finished Product Markets
  • Raw Material Markets
  • Construction Capital Costs
  • Supply/Demand Market Conditions
  • Environmental/Regulatory Issues (past, present and future)
  • Expected levels of industry returns on investment
  • Age/Life Relationships of equipment
  • Operating Characteristics of new and old facilities
  • External Operating Characteristics effecting Network Operations
  • Commodity price projections
  • Levels of operating expenses and required capital investments

The team of ASA-accredited appraisers at evcValuation brings to the equation a unique ability to understand the market in which the subject property operates, ensuring the manufacturing plant valuation is relevant and supportable. We also have significant experience in identifying the economic forces influencing the property, as well as the ability to understand and analyze relevant market information at play. Finally, all manufacturing plant valuation projects are analyzed according to the most relevant valuation methods and techniques that can produce credible and reliable valuation results.