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US natural gas power generation declines

Natural gas-fired power generation in the United States declined through the first four months of 2021. According to the EIA, an average of 3,394 gigawatthours of electricity were generated daily by natural gas-fired power plants. This represents a 7% decline compared to the same period in 2020 and the first decline since 2017.   Despite…

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Stressed US energy infrastructure

The nation’s energy infrastructure succumbed to enormous stress as extreme winter weather gripped the US in mid-February. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, power disruptions impacted energy customers in Texas, Louisiana, Oregon, and Virginia. Texas was hit particularly hard as millions of people were left without power for days.   Electric generation assets were severely…

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ISO-NE capacity auction ends with prices up from record low

As expected, ISO New England’s (“ISO-NE”) recent Forward Capacity Auction (“FCA”) 15 resulted in higher capacity clearing prices than FCA 14. The auction, consisting of five rounds of bidding, concluded on February 8th with preliminary clearing prices ranging from $2.48/kW-month to $3.98/kW-month, depending on zone. These prices represent a significant increase from FCA 14, when…

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US sets new wind generation record

The US set a new record for daily wind electricity generation on December 23, 2020. According to the EIA, a total of 1.76 million MWh were generated from wind in the lower 48 states. The new record represented approximately 17% of the total daily US electricity generation. This new milestone eclipsed the pre-2020 record of…

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2020 Saw Lowest Natural Gas Prices in Decades

Mild winter weather and the global COVID-19 pandemic drove natural gas prices in 2020 to the lowest annual average prices in several decades, averaging $2.05 per MMBtu at the national benchmark Henry Hub in Louisiana, according to EIA data. Natural gas demand for heating was low due to the mild weather, and economic shutdowns triggered…

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Battery storage shows tremendous growth

Installed large-scale battery storage systems in the United States reached an all-time high as of the end of 2018. According to the EIA, a total of 125 installed battery storage systems having a combined capacity of 869 MW were operational in the US as of 2018. These figures are a significant increase compared to 2010…

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Wind capacity additions set a new record

The United States set a new record with the addition of 2,617 MW of wind capacity during Q1 2020. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, installed wind capacity in the United States now exceeds 107,000 MW. This represents a sizable increase compared to the 61,500 MW of installed wind capacity as of Q1 2014. New…

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