Emergence of Reciprocating Gas Engines

Recent developments in the power generation industry have seen gas reciprocating engines being installed in increasing numbers on new projects as opposed to gas turbines. Improvements in technology have resulted in reciprocating engines that can rival the capacity of gas turbines and the ability to be brought to full capacity in as little as five minutes. There are many examples of new projects incorporating gas reciprocating engine technologies including Fairmont Energy Station in Minnesota, Sky Global One near Houston, and Rubart Station in Kansas. All of these facilities are located in regions where there is a large amount of installed or planned wind capacity where there is a need for dependable and dynamic support generation capacity that can quickly come online when wind generation fluctuates. The overall trend of increasing renewable resource capacity has created a shift in the industry and the development of modern gas reciprocating engines. It is anticipated that modern gas reciprocating engines will continue to gain popularity for the foreseeable future.