General Manufacturing

general manufacturing
General manufacturing facilities include properties such as auto manufacturers, machinery production plants, and almost any other facility that produces product. The valuation of manufacturing facilities can be looked at as a “black box valuation.” Think of the black box and the facility being appraised. Any manufacturing facility has a raw material coming in (what the manufacturer uses to produce their product) and a finished product going out (what the manufacturer sells). They have operating cost to produce their product including the cost of the raw material, and they receive revenue for the product they sell. Thus, the valuation process requires a number of expert skills:

  • A thorough understanding of the market in which the subject property operates
  • Knowledge of the pressures the property faces
  • Understanding and analysis of all relevant market information
  • Utilization of proper valuation techniques to produce credible and reliable valuation results

evcValuation applies these skills in each and every one of its valuation engagements.